Some would have you believe that an occasional rain storm will effectively clean your solar panels. ..
Ex Tax: $78.10
Superfine Steel Wool (0000)0000 gauge steel wool, otherwise known as superfine steel wool is used ex..
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Ex Tax: $101.25
WINSOL has offered a solution for years that has made many cleaning tasks more successful.  MAG..
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Removing Oil Stains from Your Concrete DrivewayDriveway oil stains are more than just a nuisance. Th..
Ex Tax: $146.20
Let’s face it, the stubborn hard water stains that plague glass and shower screen doors can make you..
Ex Tax: $42.00
Hard water stains on glass and shower doors are often mistaken for soap scum. Unfortunately, soap ..
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APC 120 - WINDOW CLEANING CONCENTRATEEliminates Streaking Easy On The HandsIdeal for Windows, Mirr..
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Welcome to Highpoint Cleaning Solutions!

At Highpoint Cleaning Solutions our mission is simple - To provide professional grade, yet affordable cleaning products that make cleaning easy for you. Our products will out-perform anything else you’ll find in the Australian marketplace. Why waste your hard earned money on inferior products that claim everything and deliver nothing?

Shop with confidence...

Shop with confidence with our Australian price guarantee… If you find the same product stocked in Australia at a cheaper rate than what we offer, we’ll happily beat that price by 50% of the difference! Now that’s 50 good reasons to purchase directly from us.

Why are we so confident with our price guarantee and products?

Well, it’s simple. We import large quantities of products at discounted rates from our manufacturer and by doing this, we are able to pass on the savings to our customers.  On top of our already discounted prices, we now offer a rewards point system so it’s easy to qualify for FREE products!

Our international supplier has over four decades of experience formulating and producing high-quality chemical compounds. Carpet shampoos, upholstery cleaners, odour control products for pet problems and general deodorising, glass cleaners, awning products and many other product lines have made us an industry leader. All of our products are made exclusively with food or cosmetic grade chemicals and are made with environmental safety in mind.

Browse our online store and order products that remove water spots from glass, clean solar panels, clean and restore awning fabrics, remove bird droppings from all surfaces and much more.

At Highpoint Cleaning Solutions we make you’re choice clear and simple. Problem Solved!

We have been in the window business for 17 years... we started using CRYSTAL CLEAR 550 about 3 years ago and were truly amazed at how great it worked. Our search for a perfect glass restoration chemical stopped with CRYSTAL CLEAR 550.
- John
We were never able to remove sprinkler spots and streaks from our hard alkaline water before we found Winsol Crystal Clear 550.
- Mike
After 10 years as a window cleaner I found something new for hard water spots and hazy glass.
- Aaron
The best cure on the market for hard water streaks, sprinkler spots and pollution stains.
- Jackson
Our sprinklers left hard water spots that several window cleaners had given up on but the Crystal Clear 550 was able to remove all the stains.
- Alma